The International Society of Caricature Artists
ISCA is a non profit organisation for caricature artists of all abilities, from beginners through to full professionals, ISCA welcomes all and seeks to bring together a community or artists within the field of caricature art.

ISCA actively encourages artists in their art form and careers as well as providing a community of friendship and peers that are often described as 'family'

Every year ISCA holds it's main convention in America where members have to the opportunity to attend and experience five days of competition, learning, friendship and support. There really is nothing else like this on earth!

ISCA also has chapters around the world and these groups also hold more local conventions or mini cons as they have become known. This allows more members the chance to attend a convention! It is not uncommon for these mini cons to welcome non members to the mini con and to experience and share in the ISCA family!

Members also receive the Exaggerated Features magazine every quarter and this contains news and articles from members about what is going on in the world of caricature and there is often tutorial themed articles form time to time. It is a great resource for any caricaturist!

Members have exclusive access to our ISCA on line forum and there they can find a great resource and also interact with other members via posts and messages!

ISCA is a non profit organisation and is run under its constitution by the elected board and supported by a paid manager and editor for the Exaggerated Features magazine.

For 2011 we have the following members who make up the board of directors:
Steve Hearn - President
Lorin Bernstein - Vice President
Chris Galvin - Secretary and Treasurer
Tracey Iverson - Manager
Debbie - Editor in chief

We have many other members who help out in so many other ways and we are most grateful for all our members help and support.

You can visit the ISCA website for more information by clicking here: We welcome new members and have an associate membership level for those who are interested in caricature or would like to ease their way into membership. Please check our website to find out more!