About me

Steve Hearn: Born 1962 at St.Andrews hospital in Billericay, Essex and I then grew up between Billericay and Basildon.

As a small child I was always drawing and scribbing on pieces of paper and when I was very young, my parents had a pet Budgie that when let out of its cage, would fly down and perch itself on the end of my pencil as I lay on the floor drawing. I loved that budgie!

It is a fond memory that I will never forget!

I could draw and then at school, when I was 11 years old, it became apparrent that I had an ability to draw quite well. Art became my favourite subject at school, although I enjoyed playing rugby and running!

My best friend Kevin at school, was also very very good at art and we became close friends and still stay in touch to this day. Kev lives near San francisco and we have had the pleasure of staying with him and his lovely wife Wendy.

Above is Kev on the right and on the left, yours truly! Circa 1973<

Kev was much better than me at art and his uncle was a professional lettering artist and got Kev a job in an art studio when he left school.

I had many art influences as a child that really spurred me on, from Rolf Harris to Tony Hart, from comics and MAD magazine to my Uncle George, who painted and sketched. I knew art was special and that I wanted to be able to produce art that I saw around me as a child. It would take many years for me to be able to say that I am able to draw to a reasonable standard and even today, I still have a long long way to go before my art gets better, which it needs to do!

Kev then got me into the art studio that was based in Soho London and thats how my career in art started! That was 1979 and I loved every minute of working at the art studio and being in London! Art is a journey and an artist travels this with a desire to get better all the time.

Above is me in the art studio around 1979

This desire is accompanied with a need for creative expression and at times, frustration can cloud an artist when he or she struggles to produce what is in their heart. This has happened to me a few times but it is a learning process to move forward with and allow to mould one into a better artist.

My wonderful wife of 30 years and more is Wendy and she is very supportive of my work and art. We have 2 kids who are a real credit to themselves and are both now at work exploring their careers.

My studio is based at my home and is in fact a converted large garden shed and hence the name or tag that I have associated with me: 'Inside the Shed'.

The Shed in a snowing winter, thankfully I have an electric heater!

We live 30 miles east of central London, in the Essex countryside and we love it here.

Today I specialise in entertainment with my caricature art. It takes me to so many interesting places and often abroad on trips all around the world!

The past ten years of my career have been boosted by my membership of the International Society of Caricature Artists or ISCA as they are known.

A great organisation that seeks to support and encourage a community of caricaturists, along with a main convention that takes place every year in America.

The convention is an amazing experience and through that I have not only progressed in my caricature art, I have made many good friends, some who have become very close personal friends.

Above, Kenny Durkin on the left, my very close friend, the two of us had a chance to work together in Walt Disney World, Orlando, drawing in the Animal Kingdom theme park!

I value the friendship that they all give me. My wife and I love to travel and are always very happy to be on a plane off another trip!

Today I am currently in the position of President of ISCA and it is a honour to lead and help the organisation in this role.

I also love to blog and get involved on the internet. I enjoy managing my website and updating the HTML as well as making YouTube videos on various subjects. I have a webcast show entitled, Inside the Shed and I love to create and publish this on YouTube!

Here are a few more pictures that may bore the life out of you!

Me as Santa with my cartoon Bird that I drew!

Drawing live and making people smile, its a great job!

Example of a caricature!

The usual reaction to my work, lots of fun!
Below is an example of my caricature art drawn live at an event!

Steve Hearn

Essex 2011