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        Welding positioner is a kind of welding positioner which can rotate and tilt the weldment to make the weld on the weldment in a favorable welding position. Welding positioner is mainly used for turnover positioner of non long weldment such as frame, base, flange and head. According to the basic structural form of welding positioner, there are three types: outrigger type, seat type and double seat type.
        1. Performance characteristics and application range of outrigger positioner
        The rotary table is installed at one end of the boom, and the boom rotates at an angle relative to a certain tilt axis, and the position of the tilt axis is mostly fixed, but some can tilt up and down within the range of less than 100 degrees.
        Scope of application: motor driven, bearing capacity of about 0.5 tons, suitable for small weldment turnover displacement. Hydraulic drive, the bearing capacity of more than 10 tons, suitable for the structure size is not very big but the weight of the larger weldment. They are widely used in shielded metal arc welding.
        2. Performance characteristics and application scope of seat type welding transformer
        The worktable is supported on inclined shafts on both sides together with rotary mechanism. The worktable rotates at welding speed. The inclined shaft rotates at a constant speed in the range of 110-140 degrees through sector gear or hydraulic cylinder.
        Scope of application: 0.5 ~ 50 tons of turnover displacement, which is a structure with large output, complete specifications and wide application. It is often used with boom manipulator or arc welding robot
        3. Performance characteristics and application scope of double seat welding positioner
        工作臺在"U"形架上,以所需的焊件回轉。該機不僅穩定性好,而且如果設計得當,傾斜運動的重 心將通過或接近傾斜軸線,使傾斜驅動力大大減速小,因此重型變位機多有這種結構。
        The worktable is on a "U" shaped frame and rotates with the required weldment. This machine not only has good stability, but also if it is designed properly, the center of gravity of the tilting motion will pass through or close to the tilting axis, so that the tilting driving force will be greatly reduced. Therefore, most heavy positioners have this structure.
        Scope of application: heavy and large size weldments over 50t are overturned, which are mostly equipped with large gantry welding operator or outrigger welding operator