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        We know that when using ordinary welding equipment to weld nuts, it is easy to have problems such as disassembly and false welding. In order to overcome this problem, it has been replaced by more automatic pipe welding robot. What are the advantages of automatic welding robot? Today, Shandong automatic welding machine manufacturers solve the confusion for you.
        The function of automatic welding robot is very advantageous. I don't know if you have paid attention to it? General welding equipment is completely controlled by manual experience. Therefore, if the welding point of the nut is high or low, and the output of the device and the stability of the power supply are not ideal, false welding is prone to occur. In order to avoid the occurrence of similar phenomenon, on the one hand, the solder joint should be stable, on the other hand, the power supply and transportation should be stable.
        At this time, the advantages of the automatic welding robot will appear, because the automatic pipe welding robot can do this. You can adjust the welding speed according to the current and voltage of the welding workpiece with different materials and thickness to find the appropriate welding parameters, so as to reduce the possibility of welding defects.
        In addition to using automatic pipe welding robot instead of equipment, the preparation work before welding nut is also very important. Since the weldment is made of aluminum and there is oxide film on the surface of aluminum, the oxide film should be cleaned before welding.
        Clean or pickle. Then, the welding robot is used for welding within three hours after cleaning the oxide film; Otherwise, new oxide film will be produced due to the oxidation in air, which will affect the actual quality of welding.
        When the automatic pipe welding robot uses the non melting argon arc welding, the generated arc burns between the non melting electrode and the workpiece, and the inert gas that does not react with the metal flows around. A protective cover is formed by arc. That is to say, the automatic pipe welding robot can make the end of tungsten, arc and molten pool not contact with the high temperature metal adjacent to the heat affected zone. It can prevent oxidation and absorption.