Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Virgin Atlantic

My first flight with Virgin Atlantic was a family vacation to Orlando way back in 1998.

My family and I had a vacation of a lifetime and the flight on Virgin was just great! My kids enjoyed it and being given a special back pack for kids as they boarded the pane was a really nice touch!

Since then we have flown Virgin Atlantic many times and all over the world form the USA to Japan!

All in all our flights have been great but of course we have had a few disappointing experiences but that will happen when you fly a lot. Virgin do take the feedback and are good about it.

I am flying with them this November from London Heathrow to Detroit and then onto Phoenix with Delta.

The exciting news is that this week I managed to upgrade my seat from Economy to Premium Economy for a very reasonable £380 for both legs, coming back I will be flying form LAX to Heathrow and that is a long flight!

So I am pleased to have upgraded so I shall have a more comfortable experience on the two flights from Heathrow and then back again!

Next year my wife and I have a very special trip booked with Virgin and we are flying with them to Miami and then statyng at Fort Lauderdale, we are catching a 10 night cruise around the Caribbean!

We had booked Premium Economy for our Virgin Atlantic flight but because we fly so much we have membership with their flying club and a number of reward points and so we were able to upgrade our flight going out to Miami up to Upper Class cabin! Now that is super!

This will be our very first time flying Upper Class and it will start at the airport at the Virgin Clubhouse!

We are very excited and can't wait to fly this way!

You can check flight availability for your next flight here

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