Tuesday, November 17, 2015

iPad Pro review

I now have the iPad Pro and after 6 days I can say that I really like it!

The larger screen is wonderful and makes viewing all kinds of apps, email and websites etc much easier and more enjoyable but the best thing for me is the drawing apps!

Now with a much larger screen that is the same size as a piece of paper, it feels more realistic to draw with for me!

I still have to spend some serious time with the new iPad Pro but initial impressions are great!


bunmi said...

Congrat,but that would be costly.Ordinary people like me cannot afford that.

FatBoy said...

Hi Steve, I now have ipad envy? I have been waiting for this to come out for about the last 2 years, but last year I could wait no longer and bought an ipad Air with a wacom stylus and to be honest I thought they were rubbish as a drawing tool (although it could be me!)The stylus was to fat and the ipad was glary and a lot of lag, so much so I don't use it. Just after, wacom released another stylus which is thinner but I am holding out now to see what everyone thinks of the new ipad Pro. I will look forward to any further reviews and examples you do about it. I am still waiting for any further thoughts you have on using the inkling you bought for doing vector drawings?
As always I follow your blog and face book pages with avid interest, and wish you and your family a happy Christmas and new year.

Dani Campoy said...


Here is my blog, hope you like and follow it :D