Friday, May 29, 2015

What am I like?

After such good intentions I have let this, my blog fall behind in a big way.

Postings have been scarce and I have fallen out of the good habit of writing and posting on a daily basis, something that was not intentional but more about that in a moment.

I really enjoying posting but the truth of the matter is that Facebook has stolen the thunder of blogging these past few years. If I think back just 8 years ago, blogging was big and the 'in thing' to be doing. But Facebook and social media evolution took that 'thing' and changed the game.

Now I don't mind the change in social media as Facebook is great and I am on it all the time. Actually I am on it way too much but don't like to admit that. Wait I just did!

Yes, Facebook has succeeded in being THE social media platform regardless of what some may say.

I actually gain a large number of enquiries for my services as a caricature artist through and via Facebook so I would be crazy to ignore it. That also makes me feel somewhat justified in all the time I spend on Facebook!

But why the lack of posts here on my blog?

There are a number of reason's and Facebook is partly a make up of one of them in so much as I have  been seduced by Facebook to leave my blog... well thats how it feels sometimes!

Another reason is time and focus that makes up my daily life. So what I mean by this and its not a pathetic excuse, by no means, as I get older life changes and my family are changing. My daughter got married back in April and we had a fantastic day and it was so happy and loving and everyone enjoyed celebrating with the happy couple!

My parents have now had their ages catch up with them and by that I mean they have some serious health issues that are usually associated with being 78 and 82 years old.

I have spoken about this before and my father is battling skin cancer and so far is winning except for a few scars and daily pain but he gets on with his daily life. He also went through a triple heart by pass and new heart valve operation back in December 2014 so its been real tough for him and these past 6 months have proven to show that he now needs the help of his family in his daily life.

Mum has also had some very poor health and today is still suffering with bladder problems and a constant infection, we are waiting to see the consultant soon we hope and try to get this fixed for her. What this means is that she is on anti biotic almost constantly as we have recently found out that the infection will not just go with these tablets. But at times since January this year, when she had finished a dose of anti biotic and we thought the infection had been cleared only to see her fall into a deep depression and poor mental state after a few days being off the anti biotic. What was happening was that the infection had not gone but was fighting back in her body and causing some real issues for her and us. She has been suicidal on a few occasions.

So as you can guess, I have been helping them with almost everything on an almost daily basis. I have a brother who also helps so we can share the responsibility of looking after them. Of course they have refused looking at moving into a care home but we have spoken with them about this option.

If we can get Mum sorted and clear of this water infection then they will be able to remain in their own home and have some independent quality of life and thats what we all want for them.

So getting back to the blog and as I mentioned, the above is not an excuse it is a reason why I have not been able to devote and dedicate time to blogging and some other aspects of my business. My parents need me at this stage of their lives and I will be there for them.

I miss blogging as I wanted to move my blog into a more relevant and interesting site that people would really want to visit on a regular basis.

This is still my goal but it has to remain on the back burner for now. I will try to post as much as I can but I have to ask for your patience with me.

Business itself is still good and I am still able to make a living and support my wife and family by drawing caricatures at weddings and events. My wife also has a part time job now, working for The Body Shop and she loves every minute of it! She continues to help me with my admin and accounts, a part of being self employed that is quite dull to be honest, but she has been with the Body Shop for nearly a year and she is a valued member of the team in there Basildon store and it is great to she her smile and enjoy her work.

As you may know, my wife and I love to travel and try as much as we can to do this! At the moment with the situation of my parents we have put our travels on hold. We did have a couple of trips earlier this year but they had been booked quite literally a year earlier and before my parents needed us as carers. But we were still able to make it to Las Vegas in February and Malta in April this year. We have nothing else booked at this time and although we have ideas and rough plans for future trips, we have not actually booked anything. Thats okay and we really don't mind. We have so many wonderful memories form the past 10 years of travelling that we can be patient and wait.

Getting back to the blog, I have often wondered about what content I should include and I think I have briefly spoken about this in the past. Should I keep it focused on just my caricature business or should I post about other topics, maybe some political stuff?

I can't seem to make my own mind up. I am no journalist and would never try to be but I do enjoy posting or blogging or whatever you wish to call it. I like to share what's going on because I want to encourage others. I am just a working class lad who grew up in Basildon, Essex from a very working class background but have been able to make something better for my life and the life of my family. I know that if you can sow a seed of hope in someones life, for someone who may need that, it can be a powerful thing and make a real positive difference to them.

I have been fortunate to have experienced this during my life and I know it has helped me tremendously through my life.

I am not trying to boast about my life or rub it in as if I am special or anything. No. Things have worked out well for me and are the proceeds of hard work that I have put in.

I have not been handed success on a plate from anyone, far from it. I have gone out there and worked hard to create the success.

If I can do it, trust me, anyone can!

Well it has been refreshing to sit here and type this post out for my blog. I hope that it has been of interest if you have managed to read down to this part! Let me say a heartfelt thank you for taking the time to read the post. I hope and will aim to post again and provide some interesting reading material for you all!

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Edd Travers said...

Great post Steve. Hang in there mate. All the best from Team Travers : )