Saturday, May 30, 2015

#FIFA really?

Well this week has been blasted with the news headline of FIFA officials being arrested for bribery charges and with the possibility of being extradited to the USA to stand trial.

All this in conjunction with the annual FIFA congress/convention and the election process for the head honcho to lead FIFA.

Seb Blatter has been running FIFA in the role of top dog for something like 17 years. Over this time FIFA has achieved a lot of good work but along the way there have been a number of investigations into possible fraud and brides being taken through the section process of where the Football::Soccer world cup will be hosted.

The FIFA world cup happens every 4 years and it is BIG on a global scale.

So here's the thing. Seb Blatter denies knowing about any brides or fraud inside his organisation and that is an important point, HIS organisation. He is almost like a complete dictator. He rules over FIFA.

So with this fact of being the top dog and being very cocky about telling everyone about this, that he is the number one guy and no one else, he then should and must take responsibility for the charges against his organisation form the US justice system.

But he has not. He has rejected that he has any responsibility with what has happened.


It is so crazy it does not seem real.

The right thing any person leading such a huge organisation would be to step down as an indication that they had no control over the very organisation they were supposed to be leading.

But not Seb Blatter. He continues his brazen leadership as if nothing has really happened.

Well FIFA has lost a lot of respect form many areas of people and organisations all over the world.

The situation is not over. Sponsors who pay FIFA huge amounts of money are stopping to consider what they should do.

My view point is that Mr Blatter must stand down and let another take over and get to the bottom of all this criminal alleged activity inside FIFA.

SO we watch this space to see how this coming week will play out with the ongoing FIFA saga!

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