Sunday, May 31, 2015

Car Crashes?

Safety? Often we think safety can hinder our fun but you only have to look at YouTube for video's of what they call 'Fails' and also car crashes to see that sometimes safety is something we should consider in our daily lives!

Recently I have been watching these type of video's on YouTube and while they can be entertaining, they also show the cold light of day that we live in a dangerous world and anything can happen.

With that said, the amount of Russian driving disasters that you can find on YouTube are amazing!

I say this because you can find car crashes that happen in both bad weather and good weather but the way the Russians appear to drive is quite scary! I have never been to Russia but if I ever do visit what is a beautiful country, I will take the train!

But every country into world where there are cars will have disasters and wrecks that often make you wonder why the driver did not see the other car!

The word accident does not really apply to these car wrecks. If you watch you will see simple and stupid bad choices made by the drivers and many could have avoided the crash if they had been looking and applied their breaks a bit harder.

So if you have an hour to kill so to speak, check out YouTube for car crashes compilations, there are so many to choose from you will not be disappointed!

But please for the love of mike, drive safely out there in the real world there next time you get into your vehicle!

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