Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Another Day in Art

Its been too long since I posted here and the real reason I guess, is Facebook.

Yes that darn Facebook takes so much of my time. But it works. I am building my business through using Facebook and so far its free to do so!

Of course I am still busy with drawing at weddings and corporate events all shapes and sizes and my family life is still hectic as parents are still and always shall I guess, remain in poor health. We are finding that we are often helping them out with hospital visits and also responding to emergencies that arise from their health problems. But thats OK as we are here for them and will drop everything to help them when ever they need us.

I still have lots of crazy ideas about what I would like to do with blogging and other website stuff on the internet. Sometimes I think my brain will explode!

I have also been tinkering with my main website to keep it google search engine friendly and fine tuned! You can see the current 'version' here drawn4u.com

I am also off out to Reno, Nevada soon to attend the 2014 ISCA convention! I am really looking forward to this!

So its another day in art and life goes on!

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