Wednesday, April 09, 2014

My desk set up

It has been some time since I relocated my home office/studio from the well known "Inside the Shed' in my garden, to the box room upstairs in my house.

I have to say, that even though it was great fun being inside the shed and I loved it there, being inside the house has made so many things much more comfortable for me in my daily activities of running a business. I have everything to hand in the house without having to keep walking out to the shed and unlocking it all to gain access, I simply walk upstairs and I'm in my office!

So my desk layout, here is a shot of how it currently looks and is laid out...

So lets take a look at what is on my desk:

Starting on the left - My iPad Air and to the left of that my iPhone stand. As you can see, I have the iPad keyboard by Apple and I sue that to type with and also as a holder come charging unit for my iPad. I like it!

In the centre is my 2007 iMac with a 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Dou processor and 4 GB of memory, the max the machine can take.

I run OS Mavericks on the iMac and it works but the processing between apps can be slow and sometimes the spinning wheel has me in limbo while the computer is try8ing to process the data. This is because my iMac is at the slowest entry level for the Mavericks OS requirements and it shows.

But the iMac still works OK for its age and when I use Photoshop, I have no problems working in PS and I can get what I needed done.

To the right of my iMac is my Mickey Mouse bobble head that I bought when I was at Walt Disney World one time and as a Disney fan, I love it!

Behind Mickey is my Wacom Intuos 3 tablet, stood up against the wall as that seemed the most logical place to place it when it is not in use.

In front of the iMac is my Apple USB keyboard. I have spoken before about using a USB keyboard as my preference. I have the bluetooth keyboard but I found it would eat up the batteries and that made it expensive to run as a keyboard plus as it aged the keys started to fail. So even though I have a cable trailing across my desk, I much prefer the USB Apple keyboard.

On the right is my desk lamp that has a 28watt energy bulb in place that delivers a good bright source while giving me a low running cost for electricity usage.

Next to my lamp are a couple of coffee mugs that I use as pen holders and you can see, pens pencils and other desk tools to help me et my work done!

Then last but not least on the front of my desk is my Apple wireless mouse which I really like and my mouse mat, which, as you can see is a Jack Daniels bar mat. That was a gift from my brother for my birthday a couple of years back!

So my desk as it is works well but I do often think about how it could be better laid out!

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