Friday, April 04, 2014

Garden Centre

I really enjoy having a garden and my wife and I also enjoy looking after the garden and growing a variety of plants.

Last year we had our garden landscaped and completely renovated, it was something we had wanter to do for a long time and last summer we took the plunge and had it done!

While we were in the process of looking for ideas for what to do with the garden, we visited a lot of garden centres both local to where we live and also further a field.

During that time of visiting the garden centres we came across one that we had seen before but had never stopped at. I do not know why we never stopped before but last year we did and are we glad that we did! It is The View Garden Centre located west of Rayliegh in Essex.

Above is a screen shot of the website of The View Garden Centre.

This garden centre has a great choice of both plants and other items associated with what would be your or our garden needs.

Like many garden centres there is also a cafe should you require a coffee but I am impressed with the very large selection of plant pots that they have!

So with a very good selection of plants and at what seem to be reasonable prices, we have been visiting The View on a number of occasions and buying plants, pots and even a fake tortoise for the garden!

Here is the View website link:

We shall continue to visit the View, as well other garden centres in the area as it really does make for a nice trip out. Maybe thats because I'm getting older and a sign of old age is a day trip to the garden centre! Hehehe...!

We are loving our garden, being able to sit and enjoy it and looking after our plants.

We have, among others, Armeria, Bay trees, an Acer and fushia's. There is room for a few more but that will require another trip to the garden centre!

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