Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Shout!

Improve your website!

So there are an incredible amount of websites out there and to count them all and make sense of the extremely large number would be impossible.

In other words your website is up against many many other websites.

How do you make yours stand out from the rest?

To improve your website and so bolster your business, is a wide thing to do. The question I know you are asking is how just do you do that work?

It is actually easier then you realise.

Lets look at how easy it can be. What do we need to do?

Asses your website as it is right now, honestly and put yourself in your customers shoes.

We need to figure out if your website meets your customers needs in 2 areas.

Those 2 areas are: 1. can they use your website?  2. is your website helping them buy from you?

Lets start with number 1: can they use your website?

A friend of mine yesterday asked for my help in promoting his business and the first thing I did was look at his website. Now I am going to remain silent on who this was and what the website is but I hope that this post today will help him.

I looked at his website and thought, yes, OK it is on first glance, OK.. but within 10 seconds I could see where he or I should say, where his website is letting him down and stopping him from getting more work.

Let me describe what I saw. A graphic rich built website with a header banner across the top that contained the name, phone number and 'what' he does info as a graphic.

Clickable graphics to move into other pages, 3 in fact: 2 for the services he offers and 1 to 'contact' him.

As I said, at first glance it looks OK. But in reality it is missing so much and also lacks the best use of data to help the customer use the website.

Let me just say a few things about the customer using the website, in case you may not understand what I am trying to say.

As a customer, you know you either want to find a service to meet your need or you actually want to buy that service right there and then.

So when you click to a website, you want the right information in front of you that creates the smallest amount of effort to complete your task.

The homepage or splash page or whatever you want call the first page the costumer comes upon must contain everything they need to know.

Websites 10 years ago were used in a different way built websites today are still, sadly built to the previous standards of 10 years ago. Customers have moved on since then. In fact if you think about it, kids 10 years ago are the customers of today and you can bet your bottom dollar that they live and breathe the internet and how they surf the web.

So lets get back to the website critique that I was going to go over.

What is wrong with the website I mentioned?

OK, first what is missing?

Content: there is no paragraph with text describing how the website can help the customer with their problem. Thats how we sell right? Your customer has a 'problem' and needs to buy from you. You MUST have a paragraph at least describing how you can help the CUSTOMER with their problem.

Why? Because it connects the customer to your business and will make it mush easier for them to buy from you!

But another extremely important fact why you MUST have a paragraph of text content, is that google loves it and it it rewards websites that have this with a better and higher position on the search results of its search engines. Other search engines actually factor through google to get their own results too, so google is where you need to focus!

So add a paragraph of text content to your website, describing how you can help your customers problem and you will hit 2 birds with one stone, your customer will more likely buy from you and your search engine rankings will improve!

But we don't stop there. Now yo have your paragraph of text on your homepage, you also need to make it so very easy for your customer to contact you, either by telephone or email.

So, a couple of things... the contact page that we used to have on websites 10 years ago are now redundant and it makes me very sad when today, I see websites with them still being used.

There is NO NEED for contact pages anymore.

Why? Because of technology and how the hardware has developed, in other words, your website is being viewed more on mobile devices than traditional pc's or computers.

Yes, people with and iPhone or Samsung Galaxy are now more likely to be looking at your website than at the traditional pc tower! Also, people with tablets, so the Pad and again, Samsung tablets will be viewing your website.

Contact must be made immediately and with ease of use for the/your customer.

So, if you have a contacts page, that is a barrier or hurdle for your customer to have to negotiate. They no longer want to click through to a 'contact me' page. They really don't.

Why, because the mobile device they have can connect straight away, in a second if you have your website set up correctly. And this is so easy!

Easy, how?

Looking back at the website I was talking about earlier, the contact page we was there but even worse, the telephone number to make contact with the guy was part of the graphic 'header'

That means the mobile device only sees a graphic and not the telephone number.

Let me explain. If you have your telephone as 'text' on your website, the mobile device recognises that and makes it a hot link, in other words if you click the hot link the telephone call will be made instantly. So your customer can call you very very easily and WILL call you!

The same applies to your email address, have it as 'text' on your homepage.

If you have this set up for both your telephone and email, on your homepage and every page, you can in fact remove and delete your contact page, it is gone, its history!

You are now making it much easier for your customer to CONTACT you with the device they are using! I hope this makes sense and that I have explained it clearly enough, forgive me if I have not!

Number 2. is your website helping them buy from you?

Customers that find a website that explains how they can have their problems fixed are more likely to buy from you.

So descriptions and other stuff should be customer focused.

Let me explain if I can. I will use myself as an example.

If I have a link to my live work and it says something like "Steve's live examples"

That is wrong. What that is saying is "hey look at me, I am showing off what I can do!"

What would be far much better is this "Entertain YOUR guests"

That shows the customer that you can fix their problem, in this case to find entertainment for their guests and it also intrigues them to see what the link will provide, so engaging them in your website.

Thus making your website more interesting and inviting and helping your customer buy from you!

OK, enough there, go over this post again and please make the changes I have suggested if your website needs them. They will simple to do and will give big returns if you do so!

As always, feel free to ask a question in the comments box and I will do my best to answer straight away for you! Thanks!

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