Sunday, November 03, 2013

Sunday Shout!

I shall be working on each Sunday to post a Sunday Shout around the topic of running a business.

The aim is to share some of my experience so that it will encourage you and or help you if like me, your a sole trader or small business owner, looking to improve your business.

Today's topic is Presentation.

This covers both how you look and how you communicate.

Customers are human beings like us and like us, first impressions matter.

So, no matter if it how you are dressed or how you write an email, what the customer, or I should say, YOUR customer will see, is how they will make a quick judgement about you and your business.

Some people in business say that how you dress is not that important but I disagree.

It makes sense to dress for the role and it would be a shocking surprise if a plumber you had arranged to come fix your pipes turned up in a pin stripped suit! That is not what you expect.

But, you also do not expect hime to turn up in a tee shirt and jeans, no you expect coveralls that plumbers usually wear.

I hope that explains my point.

In the field of entertainment, caricature artists like myself take a different approach.

Some of us dress smart and some very casual and some even a little whacky! My own preference is smart as I wish to portray a professional approach and try to let my art do the talking, if you see what I mean.

Fancy dress may have its place but in general, it will fit most types of events.

The same approach can be taken to writing emails to your customers.

If a customers emails you for a quote on your prices, then take the time to explain the service you offer as a compliment to the price structure you may have.

Unless you are selling widgets, please do not answer an email enquiry with just a quick hello and a couple of actual prices and leave at that. No. That is too basic and even a little offensive to the customer.

A customer likes to be treated with respect and they respond if you go the extra mile.

Let me give you an example of the email I am talking about.

Lets say a customer wants to hire me to draw for them. They are asking for a price quote.

I will start by thanking them for the email and then explain the benefits of how my services can help them. Then I give the price and let them know it includes everything, one price meets their needs.

I then close by thanking them again and telling them that I am looking forward to hearing from them.

This technique shows respect and interest to my customer and is also is a great way of connecting with them so that feel more comfortable to buy form me or hire my services.

So stop and think about how you appear to your customers, it is very important and could help you grow your business!

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