Tuesday, November 05, 2013


Why Facebook?

Facebook has become the premier social media tool for business but many still do not utilise this tool!

Your customers are on Facebook even if you are not aware of this. They are using Facebook everyday and it has become a part of their normal day. In fact if you asked one of your customers the question of are you on Facebook, they would think your out of date, of course they are on Facebook!

My Facebook page allows a connection with my customers that I could never have experienced before!

It is amazing!

I can communicate with my customers but more importantly, they can talk to me! They can do this by posting on the wall or sending me a direct message but they can also recommend my services on my page too and that is very powerful!

So if your in business but do not have a Facebook page for your business, well I would highly recommend you get yourself set up!

You can visit my page here and it would be great if you could 'LIKE' my page too:


If you need more help on creating your page, then check out these very helpful videos on YouTube:


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