Monday, November 04, 2013


It is only 13 days until the ISCA convention that is being held in St Pete's Beach, Florida!

So I am thinking about getting ready for the convention and its competitions. Drawing will be the focus of the 5 days of the convention.

Anything to help me is good so taking time to practice is probably a wide thin to do.

This sketch is a random made up face to figure out exaggeration.

I drew it on my iPad using ZenBrush. I think it works!

The convention is a great place to learn, grow and develop further as an artist. I really enjoy it.

Not only that the location is superb. A wonderful hotel/resort and it is right on the beach! So along with a fantastic tikki bar and a great choice of cocktails, there are some sweet restaurant choices available too!

It looks like it will be a great convention and I am expecting to learn so much more this year!

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