Monday, October 28, 2013

Thank You!

Another thank you received this morning from the wedding I was drawing for on Saturday night. It is so good to get these and to think just a day or so after their wedding, the bride takes the trouble to email me such a kind message!

I have to say that these thank you messages and cards are like precious diamonds to me.

I work hard to ensure I give my very best at any event I am hired to draw for and of course, Im only human so there are times when you may not be firing on all cylinders, so to speak, but being a professional means delivery fantastic customer service no matter how you feel.

I also listen to the people when I am out drawing, to understand how they feel and think about the caricature I draw of them.

Many love the caricatures of course, some are not sure and some I am not sure about myself but learning from this is fun and helps me for future events.

I draw what could be called cartoons as my exaggeration is minimal. Im OK with that as it works in regards to entertaining people at events and that is what the client, who books me, is looking for.

The client who books me is not trying to upset their guests or offend them, so my style fits perfectly with the intention of providing fun entertainment with a memento that the guests can takeaway and enjoy.

Putting my customer first is extremely important if I want to have a successful business. It seems to work.

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