Monday, July 29, 2013


Here is a fun little caricature of a good friend of mine, Keelan Parham.

Keelan has a very distinct hairstyle that is easy to draw and recognise!

So on this sketch I focused on his hair as that is one key feature people know Keelan for, he also has a handsome face and a great smile but his hair stands out!

For this caricature I used my iPad to draw on. Working in the ZenBrush app, one that I really like, it was nice to draw these simple lines and create a look I wanted. The background idea was to support the energetic personality that Keelan has, if you met him you would realise that he is a really nice guy and a joy to be with!

ZenBrush allows easy sketching on the iPad and working in black and white with shades of grey is always nice.

When I was at school, many many years ago, we were taught to draw using a dip pen and Indian ink. I really loved that class and I miss drawing that way, I should get back to that sometime and play around with pen and ink. It is a great way to learn about light and dark, shapes and negative drawing!

As for Keelan, I will have the pleasure of hanging out with him in November at the Caricature convention in Florida. Good times await....

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Keelan said...

Aw, man. I just saw this post. I remember seeing the great drawing a few months back, but never read the accompanying post. Thanks for the kind words, buddy. Right back at you. Can't wait to see you over here in a few weeks at the ISCA con! So looking forward to it!