Monday, February 11, 2013

Pope resigns!

So the Pope has resigned. Age and health preventing him from carrying out the duties of the Pontiff. You have to respect his decision and admire the fact that he has been honest about it.

So now we have a new chapter about to start inside the Catholic Church. Change could be about to show it's head on the Catholic agenda.

With the recent child abuse problem, a new Pope will have a window of opportunity to move the church forward away from this issue but more importantly, put in place systems that will prevent it from happening ever again.

Other issues facing the Catholic Church are the shortage of men coming forward to the priesthood for selection. With many Priests in old age and I mean over 70 years of age, the next ten years will see a further reduction in the number of priests currently serving the church.

Doctrine has a few hot potatoes that some would like updated but the two main issues that I have mentioned above, are I feel, the most pressing for the new Pope to address.

I am excited about who will be selected for the role of Pope!


Boomer Bill said...

Good one Steve. Not sure the Church can change. More likely it will just become irrelevant. Imagine the good that might be possible from all that wealth. But let's have some fun with this historic transition

Jeanette Madden said...

There needs to be an ISCA Nosey for best doodles. You'd win, hands down!