Friday, October 26, 2012

Windows 8

Yes it is here! Windows 8... at last!

But I am a Mac fanboy, as they say and I now only use Apple products. That has nor always been the story though, for almost 20 years I used Windows and Microsoft products/software and I have to say, was very happy using it. Yes there were times when things crashed and other issues came up, but back then, Apple did not have anything that could match Windows software. Today the story is completely different.

Apple has a suite of software, much of which comes pre installed, that not only matches Windows but blasts it out of the water!

Price is the key factor that people will argue over, saying that the Mac is way too expensive.

Well lets take a look at an example of a Windows PC Ultrabook and the new Mac Book Pro retina display as these are comparable to each other with a requirement of Office type software..

13inch MacBook pro retina will cost you £1449 and you will need to buy the iWork apps at £42

So a total investment will be £1491


13inch Ultrabook similar to the Mac specification is £899.00

Adding Office Standard for home and business will add another £189.99 and you will need protection/antivirus software at about £30

That comes to a total of £1118.98

So we have £1491 versus £1118.98

The MacBookPro is £372.02 more expensive

Now we can see that that the Mac is actually not that much more expensive. Remember here that you will save time when using a Mac as productivity is better and as a business person, you can put a cost of wasted time which a Windows machine will cause you from time to time.

At the end of the day, cost wise the difference is minimal!

Surprised? I think you may be!

So do not rule out a Mac if your looking for a new machine and the latest software and gizmo's to paly with in todays computing world!

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