Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wedding entertainment

Well 2012 has been another great year so far and I have had the absolute pleasure to have drawn and entertained at so many weddings through the year!

It has been great fun as I also celebrated my 50th Birthday back in February and it is a year that I will remember for a long time!

Above is a caricature that I drew recently at a wedding. What has been very interesting this year is how people who have been drawn at a wedding, will take a photo of the caricature on their smart phone and there and then upload it to Facebook! Cool!

The picture above is one such Facebook upload!

I really like it when people do this as it creates a new dimension to all the fun of what I do at a wedding!

If I'm lucky the person uploading the picture will find me on Facebook and 'tag' me in the picture or discover my Business page and 'Like' me there!

Facebook has created this new angle with the social media and I love it!

I then get to see many of the caricatures and read about how much fun they provided for the wedding. It is common for the bride to tag me and also become friends with me on Facebook and I have the pleasure to see more of their wedding! As I sit at me easel drawing all night, I do not get to see all the fun everyone is having all around me!

You can see my page and hit the 'Like' button at Facebook.com/SteveJHearn

Below is another Facebook uploaded picture:

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