Monday, October 29, 2012

Wedding Caricatures

Wedding Caricatures?
What do they do?

Maybe you have never seen a caricature artist at a wedding before and thats not unusual. So what do we do for weddings?

It is a good question!

A caricature artist will provide a number of elements to any wedding either in the day time or the evening reception!

These are, providing fun drawings of guests that entertain and leave the person with a unique memento of the wedding day and they will most likely frame the caricature and hang it in their home!

Guests will be laughing and talking about the caricature artist and it really makes for a great ice breaker at a wedding!

Guests will also take a photo of the caricature with their smart phone and upload it to Facebook to show their friends what has been drawn of them! This adds a NEW and fun element to a wedding that people love to do!

So we have 4 things a caricature artist can bring to a wedding:

1. Entertainment
2. Memento for the guests to take away
3. Ice Breaker for guests
4. Social Apps and sharing of the caricature

A wedding is a fantastic event for a caricature artist to bring his talents too!

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