Monday, October 01, 2012

Wedding caricature fun!

Here is an example of a caricature that I drew at a wedding back in May of this year!

Apologies for the poor quality but I downloaded it from a Facebook page, but more on that in a moment.

Drawing like this provides so much fun for a wedding and I usually get a great response form people watching me as I draw and lots of laughter too!

These caricatures do make for a great memento from a wedding and I know that people hang them after framing the caricature, in their homes and they are a talking point for years after the date of the wedding.

I know this because I have had so many previous couples tell me on their anniversary's, one was a 5 year anniversary and they said people were still talking about me!

So Facebook! Boy I love Facebook as it has a couple of really BIG benefits for someone like me, a sole trader or individual business man.

Facebook allows me to connect directly with my customers in a very powerful way! The other big benefit is that people post a photo of my caricatures from weddings and I am often tagged in them, so I get to see who is posting and of course, this means that a network of people seeing my work grows enormously and very quickly!

I now find that Facebook is getting me so many more enquiries from potential new customers!

I encourage people to upload the caricatures to Facebook so that it creates a lot of fun for them and I also get more exposure via Facebook to many more people! Very cool!

Thank you Mr Zuckerburg!

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