Friday, October 19, 2012

Obama versus Romney

Is this the biggest job in the world being President of the USA?

I guess you would think so and as these two candidates fight it out, we sit back and watch a storm wave of arguments from both sides as too who is right and who is wrong.

Mitt Romney, seen above here, is hopeful that he will become the next President of the USA. He is a businessman and so brings to the table, experience that should enable a better understanding of running an economy in these difficult times. But he has been criticised over his foriegn policy but they have to find one thing to knock him down with don't they?

President Obama on the other hand is being careful as he brings 4 years of being in the job to the table but he is being knocked down by his own statements that he made when he first took up the job as President four years ago. He has not made the 'change' that people thought he was talking about!

So where does that leave the rest of us? Americans have the vote on this mater and they hold the power to choose who will become the next President.

Who ever gets in will have some big decisions to make quickly. These are economy based and will lay the way forward for 2013 and how America can move forward in prosperity and growth.

Growth will be slow, there is no way currently that any country can expect a rise in growth that would cure all the problems that we all face.

But growth is key to supplementing the cuts in expenditure through government spending.

During the first decade of the 21st century, when banks would throw money at you, growth was big and fast and governments of many countries all over the world, also allowed their own spending to exceed what they could really afford. Everyone simply spent money that they did not have. From the man & woman on the street, through to Political leaders in power during that time.

Our way forward will continue to be slow but that should be a positive thing, as we can keep a check on being sensible on what we do with our money.

Lets hope that whoever gets elected in a few weeks time, it will be bring a sense of hope for the near future!

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