Tuesday, October 23, 2012


We are now in the depths of the autumn season or the fall season as my American friends would call it.

The weather is, I find, very exciting! We can have a change in the scale of temperature from cold to very warm, today is very mild and has caused a mist or light fog to hang over the UK for the past two days. It can be wet with Heavy rain falls and also dry with skies filled with low clouds.

In fact, Autumn provides some very interesting weather for us all to observe.

This is the prelude to winter when we will see cold weather and possible snow falls. We shall most certainly have frosty mornings and now is the time to dig out your winter coats in preparation for the winter weather!

As for me, I shall be travelling along with my wife at my side, visiting Texas in November and I am looking forward to experiencing the Texan fall/winter weather!

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