Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Obama 2012

Well it is getting interesting how the Presidential debate is developing at the moment!

I am not political commentator but I wonder if we will see Obama inviting celebrities to appear alongside him to get the votes for this November?

I can just see Bono with him at the WhiteHouse!

America always seems to take a visual in your face approach to marketing for elections. It can get too personal at times though and I do not like the adverts they run on television defaming and character assassinating each other. Its gets too messy and I find it comical when the candidate says at the end that they endorse this advert!

But no matter what I think of the situation and lets be honest, my opinion on this is of value at all but something is going to happen this November that will mean America is going to experience real change at last!

So until November I shall be watching from the sidelines as the ball rolls down the hill for the USA elections!

No, if anyone has Bono's phone number I can call him and invite him to my convention in Texas!

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