Friday, August 10, 2012


The art app on the iPad 'ArtStudio' has received an update and the user interface has changed dramatically!

Many of us love ArtStudio and had been used to the original UI and had no real problem with it.

Now after this update the UI in ArtStudio looks and feels like the UI in Adobe's Photoshop!

I like that as I have been using Photoshop for around 14 years.

The challenge now is getting used to the new UI as my brain expects the old UI to be there!

It may sound a bit silly but I'm not alone! I have also found a glitch or bug in he new UI. You are supposed to be able to change and set new colour swatches, but I cannot find that function in the new update and UI?

It may be that I am missing something but no one else has yet been able to do the colour swatch setting.

I hope that the developer will look into this as the changeable colour swatch is so very important to artists like myself, who use the iPad and ArtStudio to draw live for our clients.

The image here is a quick little fun sketch that I did in the new ArtStudio.

Let me know if you have any problems or know how to set the colour swatch! I would really appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

To change color swatch drag and drop "new color" in color editor to ine of the swatches below

Steve said...

THANK YOU it works!