Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wedding Caricatures

Very popular and keeping me very busy and I am very pleased that is the case!

A great way to entertain at a wedding and also let the guests have a wonderful memento to take away!

I can drawn at anytime during a wedding, from the afternoon period while photo's are being taken, through dinner if required and the most popular, during the evening reception!

The big reveal when the guests see what I have drawn of them, is a special moment and as you can see above, a typical response if laughter, amazement and joy! A perfect recipe for a wedding!

I draw at around 100 weddings every year and have built up an extensive experience and knowledge of how to compliment a wedding with the fun caricatures that I draw. Everyone really loves them and that is why I am kept very busy all year round!

It is a joy for me to see so many people getting so much fun and enjoyment from what I do and almost all the time, the bride and groom tell me that the guests have loved what I have drawn and that it has really made their wedding so special. That is always a great thing to hear and is why I do this, to bring something special to such an important day for couples. The icing on the cake is that I get many really nice compliments form guests during the evening, lots of laughter, sometimes hilarious out bursts form guests and from time to time, the ladies have been known to laugh so much that they have to rush to the toilet!

As I draw non stop from start to finish I also bring, what I feel is great value for money. When you compare what I charge against another item, such as a chocolate fountain or maybe a photo booth or even a magician, I feel that you get so much more from my services!

But it is individual choice in what a couple wish to have to entertain at their big day and often I have worked alongside the other suppliers that I just mentioned!

From young children to the older generation of adults, I draw everyone and they all love their caricatures!

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I appreciate your help and support and you never know, I may be at your wedding one day, drawing and entertaining your guests!

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