Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wedding Caricature

A Few pictures from the wedding of James & Charlotte last year, (Charlotte very kindly sent these to me!) that took place at Gaynes Park in Epping, Essex. The wedding was wonderful and Gaynes Park is a great venue and location for any wedding!

Click here to visit the Gaynes Park website

The guests enjoyed all the fun of the caricatures and we all had a great night, laughing and joking around with the caricatures proving to be very popular!

As you can see above, guests will wait their turn to be drawn and while doing so, have the opportunity to watch as I draw the people sitting and it provides some great entertainment as you can tell by the smile on the lady's face in the back, waiting for her turn to be drawn!

In this photo yo can see me concentrating as I draw a caricature! I try my very best to draw something that is fun and pleasing, so that guests will want to take them home and get them framed to hang in their homes!

I am often told that my caricatures are hung in the toilet but I really don't mind, as hanging anywhere is good and much better than being thrown in a draw or a loft, never to be seen again!

So if they hang my work, I am very happy, regardless of its position or place!

If your planning a wedding and want something a little different and great fun, then why not contact me to talk about how I can help you! Thanks! Have a great weekend! I have a wedding to draw and entertain at tonight!

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alex said...

The artist is really good in caricature. It is nice to have this kind of art for special day.

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