Saturday, February 04, 2012


Last month my wife and I had the pleasure to spend a week in Sarasota, staying with a good friend of ours.

It was a great week and Sarasota is a beautiful place with much to offer, in fact, we love it there!

The Bay Front area is really nice as this is where the marina is and there is a park with a special path that is laid to help you walk or jog and even ride your bike if you wish, all in the spirit of keeping fit and healthy!

The picture above is of the Bay Front park and path and when I shot this, a guy came around on this bike with his kid and I thought it looked pretty cool!

That very spot is great at sunset and you can gaze out over the bay area of Sarasota and watch the sun set in all its glory!

There is no doubt that my wife and I will be returning to Sarasota again and again!

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