Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Howard Stern

Updating my caricature of Howard Stern above.

Last year I painted the Howard Stern caricature and it worked out very well and I was pleased with it.

But after having it hanging in my house for a few months, I felt there was more I could do with it.

Howard is known for his brash, up front comments, he tells it like it is or how he see's it. He takes no prisoners and thats not a bad thing.

I wanted to give a background that would give some credence to his out spoken words and red seemed like the most appropriate colour to use!

So he is the progress so far!

I may add some orange on top in places but I am not sure just yet.

As always, it is too easy to over work a painting and ruin everything that has been done.

So I will take a few more days before I make up my mind!

I hope you like the updated Howard!

I use watercolours and pen and ink to create the painting.

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