Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wedding Caricature

An example of my live caricature work drawn at a wedding!

I draw in my own unique style and it is well received by people, which is really great as I love making people smile and laugh at what I have drawn! It is all about having fun with guests at events and helping them to have a great time by making them laugh and smile!

Not only weddings but also corporate events use my services in many different ways.

From entertaining clients and customers to attracting people to an exhibition stand, many businesses of all sizes have used me in such a way to help them celebrate and promote their searches and products!

I love the work I am involved in and will often travel to help meet my customers needs! So from Essex to Devon, from Cheshire to Sussex, you can be sure I can be there for your event!

It is always a pleasure to draw for a client on more than one occasion and when I am asked to come back for another event, I am humbled that my services are valued and in demand!

If your looking for a caricature artist for your event, no matter what that may be, then look no further, I can help you!

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DJ Andy said...

I do a lot of weddings as a DJ and I often take a cartoonist with me. It is a real crowd pleaser.