Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Festive fun!

My family and I trust you have had a great Christmas and are enjoying the holidays! We are having a wonderful time and I treated my wife with tickets to fly to Tampa so we can visit our friends in Sarasota. We fly out in two weeks time and are very excited! We feel do blessed that a career in drawing caricatures gives us so much!

It can be hard work drawing and entertaining at weddings and events, I always give my all to ensure guests have a great experience while I am drawing!

My customers needs are priority for me and working to ensure I meet and exceed their expectations is my goal.

I think it is paying off as I am very busy and have many customers who found out about my caricature services from others who I had drawn at a wedding or event.

Recommendations like this are great and I always enjoy booking a referral 'gig' into my diary.

I call events 'gigs' as I feel that I am performing when I am drawing the fun caricatures!

So often I receive rounds of applause from guests who really enjoy the fun of it all! I always feel humbled that people show their appreciation in this way!

Here's to another great year in 2012!

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