Friday, November 04, 2011

St.Paul's tents in London

The protesters who have pitched up their tents outside St.Pauls cathedral in London have caused more of a problem for the church than the actual reason they are protesting for!

The church has been shown to be misguided in its response to the situation and it's christian values are in question as they have not put their faith into action, period!

The funny thing is, the church is part of the corporate greed make up that the protesters are fighting against. Yes it is true! Only two years ago the church gave around forty million pounds of its money to an investment project that bought a property in New York but the recession and market collapse meant that every penny of that was lost. The very investment was immoral as the building purchased was home to many long term residents who had lived there for many many years but they were to be evicted to allow a refurbishment of the building, which meant that any new tenants would have to apply for accommodation there with a heavily increased rent. That would have meant the existing tenants would not have been able to afford the new rental costs to continue to live where they had been for sometime.

In effect the church would them homeless! Not exactly Christian eh?

So beware the church, they are not all that they seem in their softly spoken manners!

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