Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tom Richmond

I am really pleased to share with you that Tom Richmond is running the Poolside Sketch Club at our upcoming ISCA convention in Florida this November!

Tom will be on hand to answer questions, give advice and encouragement to the group as we gather around the pool to sketch, learn and have fun!

Another very good reason why you should join us at the ISCA convention in November!

Click here to stop by the ISCA website for more details and to sign up for membership and the convention itself (you have to be an ISCA member to attend the convention)

Tom also has a new book out next month on how to draw caricatures and it is will be fantastic and must have for any caricature bookshelf! We have been waiting for this book for some time and it is great that it is out soon but you can pre order by stopping by the Richmond website by clicking here

If you want to know how to draw caricatures then this IS the book for you! Buy a copy NOW!

Come to the convention and meet Tom in person and partake in the sketch club to get some first hand teaching from Tom, based on his book as reference!

Hope to see you there!

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