Monday, September 05, 2011

Influence in my life

Music has been a big part to my life and ever since growing up in the 1960's and 1970's, I had the joy to experience and hear so many new aspects to both pop and rock.

As an artist in waiting back then, I was attracted to certain record sleeves while spending hours looking through records in the local record store.

It was the art on the record sleeve, also know as an LP, that would catch my attention and at the early age of about 12 or 13, I saved up and purchased Tales From Topographic Ocean by Yes, because of the Roger Dean artwork on the LP. I had no idea what the music would sound like but I just had to have that LP sleeve!

Well that took me into a relationship with the music of Yes and more so with the singer, Jon Anderson.

His music both with Yes and on his solo projects, struck a cord with my heart, should and mind and ever since I have had to include the music in my life. I could not see life without it!

Jon Anderson also connected via his lyrics to my soul searching spiritual questions that I had. As a creative personality, spiritual matters were important to me and in the music is where I found solace.

Here is a YouTube link to a new piece of Jon Anderson music that I love:

Here is another YouTube Jon Anderson song that I really love and play to support my soul when I feel down:

I have to say that I enjoy many types of music and have many favourites that include classical, Jazz, Folk and New World. Music is a magical gift that we often take for granted!

I also have a knack to play drums, not that good as it has been on and off for many years and I have never dedicated myself to learning more and improving but I can knock out a good beat and often received some sweet words of encouragement about my drum playing!

Art is my priority but music is my rock that I lean upon.

Art and music together have influenced me in so many ways and continue to do so today and will do so, tomorrow and beyond!

I hope you enjoy Jon Anderson's music as much as I do and if this is the first time you have heard him, then you will be in for a treat!

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FatBoy said...

Hi Steve, I remember being so into" Yes" when I was 15/16 and like you loved the album covers, I even got in to marbling techniques and floated oil paint on water but had little success. Thanks for bringing back the memories and I will be buying his new album. Regards.