Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Caricatures at a wedding

A photo from a wedding I did last week for a lovely couple..

The photographer was Steve Fryer of FSM photography:

I can highly recommend Steve to anyone who is thinking of getting married and who needs an excellent, professional and friendly photographer! Steve is one of the best!

I like these photographs as it shows an angle that I do not see when I am drawing away at a wedding!

It was a really fun night and everyone loved their caricatures!

The venue the wedding was held at was Cooling Castle in Kent, a lovely venue and for music fans, next door lives the one and only Jools Holland! You can visit the Castles website by clicking here

This summer is very busy for weddings and that is wonderful! I am looking forward to meeting so many nice folks and entertaining them!

I may even bump into Steve from FSM photography again! I do hope so!

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Nelson Santos said...

Great pic Dteve!