Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wedding Photography Essex

I have the pleasure to share with you not only a few pictures of my caricatures in action but also information about the photographer who took them!

Paul at Westside Studio is a great photographer, very professional and someone who I have worked with and alongside, many times at weddings all over Essex!

The following shots were taken by Paul and you can visit his website by clicking here

Above the couple have no idea what I am drawing except for peoples comments from behind while watching the caricature appear before their eyes!

Above the big reveal and hey presto they love it! Phew!

As I get ready for the next caricature, the happy couple take in the fun of the drawing I just created for them live on the spot in under 5 minutes!

That wedding was great fun and along with Paul, who was the wedding photographer, Mark his second photographer was there, the video guy and the chocolate fountain guy and below is a photographer of us all with the bride, taken just before midnight as the reception/party was coming to a close:

Above from left to right : Paul of Westside Studio : Chocolate Fountain guy : The beautiful Bride and myself : the Video guy : Mark of Westside Studio

It was a great night and wonderful wedding!

Paul is always a real pleasure to work alongside and I can highly recommend his photographic services!


HobGoblin said...

looks great. well done steve!

Nantucket Weddings said...

Hey! I love watching caricatures drawing. Seems so fun to look at.
Well, done! :D