Sunday, May 29, 2011


My latest caricature of Gaddafi...

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We have now moved into a new arena where Nato is seeking to get Gaddafi in person. This was not part of the UN agreement and although I do not like him, I think it is wrong and illegal for the UN and Nato to now feel that they can go in and murder Gaddafi.

I predict troops will be on the ground within the next two weeks, killing Gaddafi and then we will be left with a political and legal mess!

I do not think that there is a leadership waiting in the wings ready to take over in Libya. The rebels are just a group of angry men who are laughable as a fighting unit. Civilians are not part of the rebel force, there is complex tribal situations that muddle everything and make these such problems as this a real mess.

It is completely wrong that innocent civilians have been harmed and killed but it is not as black and white as the news reports make out.

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Sarah Gilger said...

I agree on the NATO thing, even if Gaddafi is a terrible person it seems like it would only bring more trouble to Libya to kill him.

Steve said...

Thank You Sarah, it is nice to know others feel the same way. This thing is a real mess!

Najem said...

I'm Libyan from Benghazi... Please give us more such greatful works that can satisfy our soul... here are some comments:
1-Noose up: when you draw this beast try to make his noose up and looking to the air, he like to show his prideness, even he doesn't have any.
2-Sunglasses: He always wear sunglasses, even if he is indoor
3-"Wanted Dead": I personaly whishe to see him finishing a long life sentence in an opened cage (prefered in a zoo) as a war crime prisoner.

Thanks again
Long Live Libya Free