Sunday, March 06, 2011

Gadaffi Cartoon

Here is a much better caricature of Siaf Gaddafi that I drew in Zen Brush on my iPad classic

Today I am at a Wedding Fair with my stand to meet new customers and hopefully take some more bookings for my services at their weddings!

While there I will be drawing their caricatures and I hope to get one or two photos that I will be able to share here with you!

Here are 10 'things' about me:

1. I love to travel
2. I own a Nikon camera
3. I have no regrets
4. I like beer too much
5. My friends are very special to me
6. As a teenager I was in trouble with the police a few times!
7. I love art
8. I can be grumpy at times
9. I love mother nature
10. Sometimes I can be away with the fairies!

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Anonymous said...

I see your posting on cinchcast. I am as well. bobcomeans (fellow isca member)